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Italian design that’s inspired by you

A new range of jewellery allows personal style to shine through in eye-catching pieces made up from a wide assortment of beautiful Italian beads.

With Bacio (pronounced Ba-Cho), a collection of individual beads, charms and adornments can be built up over time and mixed in an infinite number of ways to create bracelets and necklaces that express personal style – with a touch of Italian flair.

The individual pieces are made from 925 silver, Swarovski Crystal, Murano Glass and hand-enamelled pottery. Manufactured and designed in Italy, each bead is an artwork and in combination they create pieces that can be elegant, funky, chic and playful.

Bacio’s versatility gives the range broad appeal – from a simple look: a single, perfect bead on a chain; to an armful of bling – there’s room for all tastes, styles and moods. Each piece is unique and carry’s the creator’s personal mark.

The Bacio concept has already taken off in Europe and Australia and is sure to capture the imagination of South African women too. Beads can be added one by one, and range from relatively inexpensive silver charms to exquisite, ornate Swarovski crystals. This makes it an ideal gift – if someone has Bacio, friends can spoil her with a special bead to complement her collection and celebrate an occasion.

Bacio also has a children’s range, which will not only make every girl feel like a princess, but also allow her to reflect her growing personality with a piece she can treasure forever.

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Bacio Junior - building blocks for their jewellery box

Stylish kids will love the new Bacio Junior range, which lets them create their own jewellery from hundreds of beautiful beads. Necklaces or bracelets made from timeless silver chains or funky rubber thongs can be re-imagined in countless ways by adding on new beads, or combining a collection in different ways. Each of the beads is made from 925 silver and hand-painted enamel and the range includes designs inspired by nature, bedtime stories and kids’ favourite games and activities. Pieces can be further individualized with alphabet letters, birthstones and zodiac signs.

The range is manufactured in Italy and has an unmistakable European flare, but the playful designs and youthful colours make the junior collection appealing to all kids: from tiny tots to trendy teens.

Your child’s Bacio pieces will become a reflection of who they are as they grow up, and when she’s old enough, she can start mixing and matching with the exquisite pieces in the main collection.

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