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Established in March 2007, Fusion Diamonds is a business that specialises in the wholesale of exclusive, value driven fine Jewellery and quality service. Fusion is managed by members who have long-term experience, extensive knowledge and detailed appreciation of both the diamond and jewellery industries, with particular attention to purchasing, sales and manufacturing.

More specifically, Fusion imports its product range from only the most exclusive international factories and guarantees every piece of merchandise as being of the highest global quality. The company is also committed to a policy of ‘repair or replace’ on all items.

This commitment is only one facet of a service and quality philosophy that is unparalleled in the industry. The Fusion team maximises its experience in the trade, so as to strive for ultimate customer satisfaction; relies on the compactness of its enterprise so as to assure all customers of sincere and personal service; and undertakes repair and/or sizing in superb workshops within minimal turn-around times.

Fusion Diamonds is proud to serve customers from across South Africa and to aim, every day, for an offering that combines exquisite products with top quality, exceptional customer service and excellent pricing.

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P O Box 68
South Africa

Phone:     +27 11 484 9249
Fax:    +27 11 484 1740

Warning: All jewellery designs featured here are subject to international copyright laws.