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Diamant Impex B. V. B. A. was established in year 1979. With focus on manufacturing and marketing of polished diamonds, Diamant Impex has established itself as one of the most respected source for polished diamonds in Belgium .


Diamant Impex is a representative company of the flagship company Navinchandra Laxmichand Shah, India . With more than 25 years of experience in rough sourcing, manufacturing and polish sales, Diamant Impex has a proven record for marketing of polished diamonds.

Princess Diam B. V. B. A. was established in the year 2000.

Business Lines

Our business operations range from rough sourcing, trading and sales to fine polish manufacturing, trading and sales.

Manufacturing Strength

Diamant Impex strives to create the most efficient manufacturing strength with optimal input of the best of resources -- personnel, technology and technical know how.

Management and Team

Straightforward, dynamic and professional people make the core strength of all departments of Diamant Impex -- may it be Rough Procurement, Manufacturing or Sales and Marketing.


More than 25 years in diamond business, yet striving to become your most valued and trusted diamond partner. This is Diamant Impex -- where diamonds are marketed professionally with straightforward business ethics and values.


Diamant Impex B. V. B. A.
603-CBS Bldg.,
1/7 Schupstraat,

Telephone - +323 2338646
Fax - +323 2322403

Email - info@diamantimpex.com
Website - http://www.diamantimpex.com

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