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Jewellers' Network is the leading media and information company for the jewellery & diamond community in Southern Africa.

This independent company was established in 1995 and a year later published the first-ever trade Directory listing suppliers in the various business categories of the jewellery & diamond industry.

At the core of the company lies a database of companies in the industry. This unique database has been complied since 1989 and comprises on one side suppliers arranged by their business category and on the other side the various type of retailers in the industry. Today the list comprises of around 3000 individual companies.

Jewellers' Network publishes annually the trade Directory affectionately known as the 'industry's bible'. The company also publishes the monthly JewelTrader publication and a B2B website with useful information for the trade.

Jewellers' Network offers a unique combination of knowledge and industry insight. This enables the company to constantly initiate new ways to create business opportunities and growth for businesses in the jewellery & diamond industry.

Jewellers' Network is the best point-of-contact for anyone wishing to do business in the jewellery & diamond industry in Southern Africa.

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Tel: (011) 887-4444
Fax: (086) 508-8932


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