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The Cullinan Diamond Mine, originally owned by Sir Thomas Cullinan in 1903, has given the world some of the most remarkable stones ever discovered. Located in the Victorian town named after it’s most famous resident, Cullinan is a breathtaking 45-minute drive from South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, and an hour-and-a-half from the City of Gold, Johannesburg.
The famous mine is the world’s main source for rare blue diamonds. Owned by a three way partnership consortium, lead by London-listed group Petra Diamonds, black economic empowerment group Thembinkosi Mining Investments and Saudi-based investment company Al Rajhi Holdings, the Cullinan Diamond Mine is expected to produce one million carats per year over the next 20 to 40 years – making it the second largest deposit in the world.
Historically, the Cullinan Diamond Mine has generated 25% of the worlds diamonds over 400 carats. The famous landmark is the source of the most famous diamond ever unearthed – the 3 106 carat Cullinan Diamond found in 1905. The stone was so large it was cut into nine major pieces and 96 smaller brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds have since gone on to create their own legends.


The Cullinan Star Cut is a registered trademark of the Cullinan Diamonds. With its eight additional facets, shaped in a star form at the base of the stone, the clarity each mirrored surface maximises the light absorption resulting in a diamond of exceptional fire and brilliance. Cut and clarity are crucial to the flame of the star, which is why the Cullinan Star Cut is so unique. With 66 facets, the Cullinan Star Cut radiates a star so bright and clear that it could have easily fallen from the night sky.

The extraction and sale of each Cullinan diamond, while it may be precious to you, brings great value to society too. One percent of sales from every Cullinan Star Cut diamond is donated to a Cullinan social upliftment programme, encouraging skills development and job creation to the town that has brought the world so much beauty.

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