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Sky Gemstone

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Opal, meteorite, blue amber, obsidian, jasper, and jade...) accessories and design.

Our main products include Necklace, Earring, Rings, Chain & Bracelet.

We offer quality products, competitive price and good delivery service to our customers worldwide.
We welcome wholesalers, distributors, retailers and also the OEM orders are warm welcomed.

Sincerely welcome discussions and orders from customers abroad.
We promise to provide excellent and friendly service. We'd like to develop friendship and establish trade cooperation to achieve win-win business in other countries. Please feel free to contact us for the products catalog, price list and production details.


No.103, Taishuen St.
Shulin City Taipei
238, R.O.C.

Tel : +886-2-86860487
Fax : +886-2-86863091

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Warning: All jewellery designs featured here are subject to international copyright laws.